How This Developer Got a High-Paying Remote Job With a US Tech Company in 2 Weeks

Who is Ivan?

And this is how Ivan met Insquad

“In fact, remoteness was a priority for me,” he says. “I chose a place of residence away from big cities, precisely with an eye on the fact that I was going to work remotely.”

“The IT job market in the U.S. is peculiar and it’s easy to stay unnoticed: big companies don’t usually work with lone employees, and small ones like startups prefer to hire someone they already know.”

Step 1: Ivan’s personal needs identification

Step 2: Getting vetted by Insquad

Step 3: The hiring process with Scan AI

How Ivan’s life has changed

“The main advantage of working at Scan AI is that I can live where I want and do things I like without, for instance, wasting time commuting to work. I live in a beautiful place surrounded by woods and rivers and, thanks to Insquad, now I’m able to code while with these marvelous views out my window instead of tall gray office highrises. By the way, my income has doubled. So, at the moment, there’s no downside here.”

Ivan’s reflections on his experience

What are the benefits you enjoy by working for Scan AI?

What can you say about your financial growth and professional opportunities at Scan AI?

What was it like partnering with Insquad?



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