How Particle.One Hired a Quant Developer for Their Crypto Branch in Three Weeks

Defining the needs

  • Strong knowledge of computer science and math
  • 3–5 years of practical experience in computer science/math
  • Python proficiency
  • Be passionate about, or at least familiar with, the cryptocurrencies market

The first steps

  • It didn’t take much time to find candidates on job boards, but it took too much time to look through hundreds of responses and analyze them.
  • Sending job proposals on LinkedIn was exhausting and time-consuming, too.

Partnership with Insquad: matching needs with reality

Vit, a senior backend developer with 5+ years of professional experience, is currently working for Particle.One; it was a perfect match for him as well. He says his major field of interest is NLP, so he found the right place to fully realize his potential.

A few final questions



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